Four Seasons, Punta Mita, Mexico


Even though it’s just a photo of one of the 4 spectacular sunsets we saw at the Four Seasons, Punta Mita, Mexico, it almost makes you feel like you need sunglasses! This was one of the most magnificent resorts we’ve ever visited. The location is about a 30 minute ride by car from Puerto Vallarta airport. Upon arrival, as you walk though the breezeway, you are greeted by friendly staff and panoramic views of the beautiful property and ocean before you. The sprawling resort gives you the feeling that you are the only ones there, it’s absolutely amazing in every way!

We were celebrating my birthday during our stay. When we walked into our room, there was a bottle of champagne, some sweets and a nice note wishing me a Happy Birthday and a wonderful stay. They really can’t do enough for you, the level of service from start to finish in all areas of the hotel was second to none. Our first night, we went down to dinner and watched the sun go down over the ocean. It’s the kind of moment you want to freeze in time. The food was excellent at each of the three restaurants as well as by the pool. I love Mexican food, I just couldn’t get enough. Chips and salsa with every meal? Yes, please!

This was also a great hotel for our kids. At first we weren’t sure if it would be kid-friendly, but we were pleasantly surprised. It was so upscale but comfortable at the same time, easier said than done in most cases. There were a number of activities like kayaking and snorkeling that were complimentary and available for our family to participate in. There is also a kids club area with video games, air hockey…all supervised by hotel staff. The kids had a sense of independence, being able to go there when they wanted, but we always knew they were safe. While by the pool, we also experienced excellent service. Complete with facial sprays with Evian water, ice cold/lemon washcloths to cool down and someone who came around cleaning our sunglasses.

The concierge was amazing! She was there to help us with booking activities we wanted and also to help with any of our transportation needs. There were a few instances where customer service was really above and beyond. We were headed to my brother’s wedding after our stay and realized the shoes I brought for our son to wear while he was going to be the ring bearer were too big. The concierge explained there was only one store in the area who sold kids shoes. They asked the details and a few hours later, one of the staff found us at the pool holding a box. They had gone to the store, purchased leather sandals and brought them to us to see if they would fit. Unfortunately, they were slightly small but we were blown away that they had gone to this effort on our behalf. On another occasion, my husband and I were near the wall edge of the infinity pool looking out over the ocean with a cocktail. A staff member literally hopped a wall to the grassy area below us because he noticed our drinks were getting low and he wanted to offer us another.  It’s almost like they anticipate your every need, often times before you even know you need it!

Since I love to cook, one of my favorite things to do is to take cooking classes if they’re available, wherever we go. I love to learn new things, especially in different countries so I can learn something authentic. They offered cooking classes and I took one which taught homemade Guacamole, Seafood Cevice, Tequilla Prawns and Churros. That morning, I was on the beach when the fishermen came back to shore with the fresh fish for the day. The chef was out there to explain each fish and how you would prepare it. It was all a truly amazing experience, I loved it!

Finally, we were able to see release of baby sea turtles to the ocean. One afternoon, there were a bunch of them headed down the beach to the ocean and the staff were scurrying to pick them up and put them in a bucket. They said that if they go during the day, the birds will swoop down and get them. So, they wait until dusk to release them so that they have a better chance of survival. Our last night, we were having dinner at a table down on the beach and we were able to see the release of what seemed like a few hundred baby turtles. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime and I’m so glad our kids were able to experience it.


What can I say…this is the kind of vacation you never want to end. The kind that almost makes you tear up as you’re checking out because it was so amazing and you wish for just one more day. I hope we can go back one day, The Four Seasons, Punta Mita, Mexico was incredible in every way!

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